Sam, Reflection, Gathering Together!

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Vaitari: A musical picture book from Kerala This colourful book creates opportunities to enjoy making music together without any prior training in Indian music on the parts of teachers and their pupils. "Making music together" means nothing more or less than using half an hour in a constructive manner without lengthy preparations, equipment, or instruments. In our approach, the use of voice and hands are wholly sufficient to participate; and pictures serve to get children involved and motivate them to draw and paint themselves before or after each lessons. But if time is limited to a single session, teachers are offered plenty to choose from and make those shared moments memorable and enjoyable.

Feedback In an email from Sangeetha Madhavan (Singapore), author of A Blue Cat's Tale, writes: "Vaitari - the book and CD - still remain a favourite of my daughter's more than a year down the line!"

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Introduction and description of CD tracks For parents and teachers, a new printed booklet supplied without any extra charge along with Vaitari: A musical picture book from Kerala.

Book release 2 September 2007 >> Programme details and participants >>

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Dedication This book is dedicated to Kunjunni Master, the great writer of small poems (1927 - 2006) >> Video of Kunjunni Master (August 2005) >>

The beauty of vaitari The Malayalam word vaitari denotes a wide array of vocal expressions from the spontaneous uttering over coordinated sounds for work or sports to commands to enable a group of students as well as specialists in the fields of music, dance, drama to perform together effectively. The specimens on which this book is based cover all these fields in order to suit different situations, age groups and temperaments. >> About the hands-on concept underlying the Vaitari book >>

Credits The picture book and the accompanying recordings and texts have been designed by Arun V.C. (art and transcriptions), Ludwig Pesch (didactic concept), and Nirmala Paniker (performing arts advisor). It has been produced by Emanuel Wüthrich (Hochschule der Künste Bern HKB) and G. Venu (Director, Natanakairali) as part of a research project titled "Sam, Sammlung, Zusammen!" (English "Reflection, Gathering Together")

This production and the research project preceding it have been made possible by the Bern University of the Arts (Switzerland) in conjunction with Natanakairali Research and Performing Centre for Traditional Arts (India).

Contributors: P. Nandakumar (idakka), Kalanilayam Prakash (maddalam), Aparna Nangiar (Nangiar Koothu), Bindu Sundaresan and Bindu Sajeevnath (dance vocal); Thrikkamburam Krishnan Kutty Marar (Kerala tala vaitari); Emanuel Wüthrich (adaptation of Curwen/Kodály gestures for Indian music).

Special thanks to all the children at Natanakaisiki (Mohiniyattam Gurukulam), Nirmala Paniker's disciples and Sankaran Nair (hospitality).

Specifications With transcriptions of basic exercises in English and Malayalam
19 colour pages (20 x 28 cm / 7.9 x 11 inches) >> Logo and motto >>

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